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Looking for a good quality security camera system

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  • Looking for a good quality security camera system

    I am looking for a security system that will be building mounted ( on the corners of two 30x160 Trachte buildings located parallel to each other) and give a wide viewing range. Preferably dome type and vandalism resistant. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks Alan

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    Having been in the security business for over 20 years before buying a self storage facility, my best advise is to contact someone in your area that is knowledgeable in this area. There are so many variables and options that must be considered. Chances are you will be disappointed and waste money if you do not get expert advise first. Things like; do you want to be able to read license plates, see color at night, is the area lighted or will you need IR ability, are just a few things to be determined. Sorry I could not provide more specific advice.


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      I have lorex security system i installed 1 yr ago .it system has hd quality as well as night vision . I installed 16 cameras in my faculity and it also gives you option of motion detect individual cameras .in my case i have the office set to motion detect .and i recieve a text when motion is picked up..the screen gives you a digital zoom option .rhat i can see licence plate numbers i see whats going on in ataorage facility in tennesse from my home in nw indiana on my android phone .the stytem is cloud based .and is free .the total system was 1600 dollars. .but the all weather cat 5 either net cable was about 400 bucks as. I needed 1000 ft very happy w this system


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        I used a "Q-See" brand system from at my property and installed it myself. It works well for me. I don't know that any of the do it yourself versions are all that "vandal resistant." But I don't hear about anyone damaging the cameras from clients. I think it serves as a pretty good deterrent because they don't want to be on camera while approaching it, and they know that the images are being recorded somewhere else, possibly in the cloud.

        Finding wide angle and dome shouldn't be a problem, although if you aren't specifically looking for the PTZ (pan tilt zoom) feature I don't think there is a reason to go with dome instead of bullet cameras. I would rather have enough stationary cameras that every inch of the plan is covered. Ideally covered from two angles.

        Steve Hajewski
        Marketing Manager
        Trachte Building Systems


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          Hey Alan,

          I am not sure if you have looked back at old threads, but the attached link has some great information

          As I posted in the original thread, I highly recommend I have purchased and installed two systems and the product and customer service are top notch. Even if you do not purchase from them they have incredible product explanations and how to guides to educate yourself with.

          Best of luck.
          hey Gang -- my first year here has been spent upgrading Tenant communication, billing and online systems. my second year will be all about helping the owners make decisions on security and hardware upgrades. if anyone has a lead on quality security cameras, please share! also unit alarms ("go with


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