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  • new in SC, boat, camper and RV storage questions

    I am currently developing extra land I have at my current business to have secure storage for boats, rv, campers, etc.. I have zero experience in the storage industry but have a few friends whose family have storage units. How do I get contracts for my customers to sign? should I have a attorney draft some or is there a website you can purchase them? I also want to offer a power hookup for customers at a added cost. what would be the most used amp service? 15,20, 30 amp? eventually we would like to add covered storage and also regular storage units on the property but just need to get the money to do so. please offer any other suggestions for a newbie. thanks
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    At my facility, we have 48 covered spaces and we offer 20 amp service (at additional charge) for maintaining batteries, etc. You will receive numerous requests for higher amperage service, but it is my opinion that you should limit it to 20 amps. You are operating a storage facility... not a campground.

    If you do decide to provide higher amperage service, you need to install individual meters and charge by usage.


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      Thanks for the reply mark. So how much extra do you charge? another storage facility does a 15 amp and a 30 amp and charges a flat rate of $20 per month and $30 per month. is this something that seems to be worth the extra investment or no? thanks again


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        Luxury coaches require 50 amp service even to charge batteries; 30 amps with an adapter. However, it is true that 20 amps will charge batteries. With 20 amps, RV owners will need to devise ways to float charge their batteries. That could create some hazardous RV owner solutions.


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          To comment on the leases part of your question, keep in mind every state will have different laws so you need to be looking at your state's statutes on lien sales. On top of that, processing a sale of a unit with a titled vehicle will be more complex than your typical unit of soiled mattresses.

          My suggestions:
          - Your state storage association may have info available
          - Rent a unit from a large well managed storage property in yoru state to get a copy of their agreement to review
          - Go over the state laws and be sure to understand what your process will be to send our late notices, certified mail if needed, where auction sales must be posted, and the process to do a title/lien search with your DMV. (the vehicle may not even be owned by the renter!)

          Understanding the above items will help you to make sure you have everything correct on your contract should you need to go to auction. Your state association can probably recommend an attorney that is familiar with your local regulations. Self-storage law is a bit of a niche and I think this is a place where you want someone that is not learning on the job.


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