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Storage Units in Separate Remote Locations in a Rural Area

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  • Storage Units in Separate Remote Locations in a Rural Area

    Hi I am a manager in rural area. We have 4 separate locations, each about 5 miles from the other, with one central office location. We were thinking about changing office hours and only opening in the morning till noon and just staying on call the rest of the day. We normally sign on new tenants over the phone by using our online software anyway. We normally only have people come into our office just to make cash payment. Does anyone have a similar situation/ experience? And how do you normally operate on a day to day basis? Thank!

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    I have 2 facilities about 5 miles apart with an office in one. Rural area. @ 90% of my rentals are online as well.

    I just have office hours by appointment and post my cell #. Only 1 of my 5 competitors has regular office hours. I've found that managing expectations with the customer/tenant is the key. I drive through both locations twice daily and check the office drop box for payments. I generally spent 2-3 half-days in the office catching up on bills, payments and doing collections calls (as well as mowing, spraying and sweeping out vacant units). Seems to work pretty well for me.
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