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    Hey guys and gals. Came across this page about a week ago, searching the internet for info on Self Storage. Lots of good info in here. A little about myself. Im from Florida but now live in Southern Mississippi. I've been wanting to make the jump and buy a self storage facility for a couple of years now. Havent been able to come across a good buy yet. What I've found is either 2small with no room to expand or 2 Large and expensive. My wife suggests that we just find property and build our own units, but doing the number it just makes me nervous. Especially starting with ZERO tenants.
    I work offshore as a captain in the oilfield and work a 14day on 14 days off rotation. I'm thinking, where I want to be is around 200 units with room for expansion and room for covered boat storage. Anyways I'm rambling. Glad to be here and looking forward to learning from some vets

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    Glad that you found us Louis.467!

    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      Welcome to the forum Louis.467. Good luck on your facility search.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        Welcome to the forums, there is no better place to ramble.
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