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  • Once upon a website . . .

    Greetings Y'all!

    I'm new here and wanted to just take a second to say 'Hey'. I've been working in the self storage industry since May ( yes, this May 2018 ) ; so I am pretty brand new to all things Self-Storage related. Luckily for me I don't have to deal directly with tenants or make any big decisions about how the company is run. I handle all things digital: website, social media, newsletters, print marketing and whatever else falls my way. I joined this community in the hopes of learning new things and making some industry savvy friends.

    That being said, what's one thing you know now you wish someone had told you sooner?

    I look forward to hearing from you, Happy Friday!
    - Meaux

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    Welcome to the industry and the forums Meaux!

    You seem to have a pretty good background in digital technology and marketing that can definitely go a long way here. Feel free to share your experiences as you learn to adapt your skills to self-storage!

    And thank you for reminding me: Happy Friday.
    Kevin Kerr
    Storage Commander Management Software
    Direct - 951.867.4732


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      Thanks . Already getting into the readings and adding my two cents


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        Welcome to the forum. I was in the auto repair industry for over 30 years as a service manager. 2 year off and then hired in to self storage. I wish I would have been told long ago that self storage deals with so many different types of people from all walks of life. What a long strange trip it's been. Love the job but not some of the tenants. Most by far are great but there are plenty of users.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          Thanks . I excited to find out more, reading the archives now to learn about some stuff and things. Lots of knowledge to be found here for sure.


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            Welcome and dont be afraid to turn away tenants


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              Originally posted by Grizz View Post
              Welcome and dont be afraid to turn away tenants
              Thanks Grizz . I'll keep that in mind, but thankfully I don't have any face to face interactions


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                Welcome Welcome Welcome. You have a different position than most here so that makes your input opportunities very unique and very welcomed!!

                I do not have one particular thing I wish I would have known then that I know now. Our industry has changed tremendously over the years and opportunities for growth and education never stop. I remember when no one had websites, there was no social media and no one had email addresses. We did all of our advertising in the Yellow Pages. Invoices were mailed. Crazy to see how far we have come.

                I wish you the best of luck!
                Stephanie Tharpe
                Senior VP of Operations
                A+ Storage of Tennessee, LLC
                Nashville, TN

                TNSSA Board of Directors


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                  Originally posted by MusicCity Gal View Post
                  Welcome Welcome Welcome. You have a different position than most here so that makes your input opportunities very unique and very welcomed!! . . .
                  Thanks Stephanie! Yes I was just having a discussion today about AOL disks and dial-up. A lot certainly has changed


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                    I wish I had known that complete strangers would walk in and begin to tell me the entire adulthood war stories including but not limited to what time they pooped in the morning!


                    Welcome to the forum and we are all glad that you found us!
                    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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                      Originally posted by lady5563 View Post
                      Welcome to the forum and we are all glad that you found us!
                      Happy to be here! Sounds like you have some interesting days lol


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                        Welcome to the forum! Been in the business a little over two years but just opened our store at end of May! I started reading here long before we opened and that was the best thing I ever did!
                        Adam Harris
                        Store More Mini Storage
                        Rogersville, TN


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                          Originally posted by omegatron81 View Post
                          Welcome to the forum!
                          Thanks for the welcome Adam! Looking forward to learning a bunch


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