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  • Trespasser---new owner

    Hi, new owner member here in Arkansas. Recently purchased a facility from the bank that was paying a local Real Estate Firm to "manage" it. I have a unit that has no contract. Come to find out they were paying the yard maintenance man half price to use. We made contact and they agreed to remove their items by the weekend. Here it is another week later, they have moved some out but not all. Do they have any right to keep us from cleaning it out? with out notice as they are here illegally?

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    When you made contact with the "owner" of the unit did you happen to get any contact info?
    Name? Phone number? Address? Copy of his DL?

    Also, does your property have a gate to access before anyone can get in?
    If so deactivate that tenants access code AND overlock the unit.
    If no gate then just overlock and you can put together some kind of paper notice and stick it to the unit's door.
    Then if the said tenant comes to remove item's he won't be able to access the unit with your manager overlock on the unit.
    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      No Gate, We did do that, except when they came by they just agreed to remove their items. We have no info. Removed the lock and gave them thru the weekend to get out,


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        My first thought is they took what they wanted and left the rest for you to deal with.


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          Am going to agree with Mama Duke on this one.
          They took what was important to them and left you the trash.

          Is this unit currently locked with the "tenant's" lock?
          If yes, wait 24 hours or not...cut the lock and look inside.

          It is more than likely trash.

          You as the new owner absolutely have the right to cut the lock.
          Didn't you say you smelled gas?
          Or maybe I thought you had said you heard something or someone crying?
          You need to make a visual in the unit.
          Grab a witness!!!!
          You need a witness to watch you cut the lock!!!
          Take pics when you cut the lock and open the unit!

          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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