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    Hey everyone! I work for a storage company that operates just a little differently. We are the Airbnb of storage! We are still learning the tricks of the trade and I appreciate all of the knowledge that you guys have and share. Just wanted to say hey and thanks for letting me hang out here!

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    Welcome to the forum! Ask questions, if we don't know the answer, someone else will.
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      Welcome to the forum. I think there was another member that was doing something like this about 2 years ago. Never did hear back as to how the business did. Please share with us the business strategy.
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        pacnwstorage I wish I could say it was my idea but it was not. People that have unused space (think basement, garage, RV pad, closet, etc.) can list their space and renters can rent it out via our website. We are definitely growing and love seeing people make these connections but I'm learning that most of the problems we have are problems that traditional storage facilities have which is why I am so happy to find a place where I can hopefully learn from other's wisdom. We also partner with several storage facilities and value those partnerships. KrisinNC thank you so much for that!


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          Stephanie, would you share your website? This is an intriguing business model. Does it work through an app like AirBNB?
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            KatherineAD sure! It's Hopefully it's ok to post that here. We do have an app and our users can reserve via our website or our app.


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              I believe the main problem the business would have is the chance of theft by the people that own the property that list the available space. Access could also be a problem if that storage in that residence is unavailable while the home dwellers are gone. I have heard of true multi story self storage facilities that pi$$ people off because they have to schedule a time to be there to have their items accessible. Most of the time they are in pods or containers that have to be shuffled to a staging area.
              "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                pacnwstorage you are right! Access and theft are legitimate concerns. Our hosts (the people with the unused space they rent out) set access levels in their profiles so a potential renter could see what kind of access they would be offered. Theft is always a concern but our renters are backed by a guarantee and we have been fortunate so far to not have that experience. Many of our hosts want to continually rent their space so they tend to be very honest. You are right though, that is a valid concern!


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                  Originally posted by stephanie559 View Post
                  pacnwstorage I wish I could say it was my idea but it was not. People that have unused space (think basement, garage, RV pad, closet, etc.) can list their space and renters can rent it out via our website.
                  This is exactly how Sparefoot started out! Back somewhere around 2005-2008 they were not self-storage, but people renting out extra space in their home or garage or shed! Then storage properties started using them, as well, and the rest is history!

                  May you have the same success that they have.


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