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Feasibility Study for RV/Boat Storage Facility

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  • Feasibility Study for RV/Boat Storage Facility

    Hey All,

    I am new to the site. I am interested in getting into the business. I have a very large lake and many surrounding campgrounds. So I am considering creating an Boat/RV storage facility. I talked with a Feasibility Study provider. It sounded like they could provide rock solid data on traditional self-storage but not so much on RV/Boat.

    Would you recommend a feasibility or market analysis for Boat/RV?
    If so, do you have a provider that specializes in boat/rv?
    If not, what data should I be looking at? What should I consider?

    The city the lake is in is only a population of 10,000 people with 100,000 in the county. It is a 70,000 acre lake. The neighboring county has a population of 500,000. It's a 45 minute drive but this lake is a popular destination for this community. I'm hoping the cheap land around the lake would provide for a good opportunity for a strong ROI. I'm looking at a 11 acre piece of land on a major hwy for only $139,000. It would need to be cleared prior to building.

    Anyone else create RV/Boat storage with similar demographics that wouldn't mind discussing in more detail?

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    I can't really contribute but are you going to add a small 'camp/boat' store as well? You know, chocks and floating key chains and compostable TP and little things like that the everyone forgets but needs when they arrive to boat or camp? What about a dump station or do the campground have them locally.
    It sounds exciting to start a new project like this-someone with more experience will chime in I'm sure.
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      I have long dreamed about a facility like this. I used to work at Monaco Motorhomes and dealt with the owners and trailers and how they like to be catered to. The camp/boat store is a great idea. Sel propane as well, a dump station.....etc.

      Welcome to the forum.
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