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Need your Help in regards to people who park on property with authorization

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  • Need your Help in regards to people who park on property with authorization

    Ok, i know that title is misleading but didn't know what to put. I am in Wisconsin and have a rural property that doesn't have a security gate and I have two people that parked on property without authorization (one a boat and the other a pop up camper). I am looking for suggestions or idea's on how to figure out who owns them and how i go about collecting on them and more importantly how i can ( lock them out of their position) when it is in an outside grass area. Neither have any license plate or identification number that can be seen. I am sure someone else has had this happen and i am looking for any idea's you might have. Thanks alot......

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    You might be able to have them towed away and let a towing company deal with it. I have a sign on my property that the local towing company provided for me, which warns that unauthorized vehicles will be towed. A good towing company or the WI SSA probably can advise you on what the exact rules are.

    I have also once called the police and asked them to identify a vehicle owner for me. They would not give me the contact info, but they called the owner and told him to move it.

    YOu may also be able to determine the owner of a vehicle with a VIN (maybe at least the camper) with this form from the DMV.



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      If they don't have tags, it's possible they were dumped there. You can either put a lock on the trailer hitch or a boot-type device on one of the wheels. Or both. Like Steve_hajewski pointed out, a good towing company will provide you with the signs and where you need to put them. You would then call them for anything like this. There is no charge to you and you are now done with it. The owner of the vehicle now has to deal with the tow company to get it back.
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        Tow them away.
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          Talk to the people and make it clear what they can and cannot do. If they don't comply then have them towed


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            If there is no gate, I'm assuming there is no system that tracks when each customer enters and exits the property. My property has signs stating that unauthorized vehicles will be towed. If a customer leaves a vehicle on my property without permission and I know who it was, I make one phone call and if the vehicle isn't gone in an hour, my next phone call is the tow truck.

            I personally wouldn't bother with tracking down the owners to get a rental agreement and start collecting rent. Anyone that parks their RV or boat on my grass without saying anything is not going to be a customer of mine. If you call the tow truck company and let them know that their are two abandoned vehicles on the property, they should stop by and pick them up for you.

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              Have them towed!
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                Originally posted by pacnwstorage View Post
                Tow them away.
                Yes Yes Yes Tow Them Do not mess around with them.
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                  Tow them and get them out of there. Let the towing company do what they do to contact them or get rid of them.


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