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  • Joining from SW Missouri

    Hi All. I'm getting started in self storage business for the first time in 2020. Bio: I'm a W-2 Info Tech guy who invests on the side and likes to automate as much as possible in my portfolio. My facility is in a nearby town just south of my hometown (Springfield, MO). 77 storage units plus a commercial building rented to a computer/electronics repair shop. I've been reading the forum for about a week now and absorbing as much info as possible. Looking forward to getting in this business and learning from this site! Goals: Short-term I'd like to survive and thrive at this first facility. Long-term include purchasing more facilities and going into this full time in 5 years or less. No expansion possible at the current site, unfortunately. Any recommendations on steps/actions every newbie should take are much appreciated!

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    Hey 417Manager, welcome to the forums!

    I haven't been to Missouri since the SSA annual conferences were over at the Tan Tar A in Osage Beach, but it's a beautiful state.

    As far as tech and automation is concerned, I've always been a big fan of mandatory autopayments, especially in a facility of that size. If you're going to be taking payments at the facility, I always recommend using pin-and-chip card (EMV) readers so avoid unnecessary non-compliance charges (and it's safer of course).

    Depending on your level of interest in automation for rentals, you can go full throttle into kiosk solutions via OpenTech Alliance, or just offer online rentals through your management software or an online rental tool like Clikandstor 3.0 from The Storage Group.

    The Bluetooth NoKey locks from Janus International have had an incredible interest over the last couple of years as well, and really have so many benefits vs. traditional lock mechanisms.

    Revenue management? I suggest automating that too with automatic rate increases per contract set at specified times (like 8-10 months after the beginning of their lease). That way you don't have to worry about facility-wide rate increases.

    Sorry, I'm a big fan of automation tech and could probably go a lot longer. Let me know if you have any questions about anything particular though and again, welcome to the forums!
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      Welcome to the forum from Oregon. I knew when I saw what I thought to be an area code of 417, that it was close to Springfield. I spent a lot of time down there when I lived for close to 40 years in Gladstone, Mo. and Excelsior Springs, Mo. Made lots of rides/drives down to Springfield. Good luck with your facility.
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        Welcome! And welcome to the business! I'd join your self storage association because they'll have valuable insights, and also print out the self storage laws for your state and adhere to them religiously to avoid lawsuits.
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          Welcome to the forum, there's a lot of experienced folks on here who offer some great advice, humorous stories, and helpful tips to save money and time.
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