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  • New Business Startup in Colorado

    Hey everybody. My name is Steven and we are new here. My wife and I are wanting to start our own self storage business, hopefully on an existing property we own. We have been talking about this for a while. We have tried our hand in the rental industry with a couple residential (house) rentals and want to branch out. We want to start out with a 5 acre outdoor boat/rv storage, then hopefully add self storage units later on. We have an old farm house that sits on 36 acres just outside of a fast growing town. Currently the property is zoned open but I have neighbors that have done some rezoning to commercial or light industrial so I believe I can rezone if needed. We plan on doing allot of the construction work ourselves and have the equipment to do so. We don’t however have anyone we know to talk to in the industry to kinda give us advise on what steps to take in order to make a real go of it. So thank you for letting us in the group! Were gonna have lots of research and questions. We appreciate any advise or input anyone has. I really wanna make this work and will put in the effort needed.

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    Welcome from CT....I can't assist with the startup as I'm more into the daily operations but you're in the right place. There are some very knowledgeable people here that as soon as they see this, will jump right in to give some input on the steps you need to take....Good Luck...


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      Even if you plan to do everything yourselves, you should still start with a business plan. I might also consider consulting a lawyer to subdivide the land into 5 acre plots with easements (this might require a survey). If you have the business on a 5-acre parcel near the frontage/access, if any thing were to happen to the business, you would not lose the other plots.


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