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Newbie looking to buy or build my first SS

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  • Newbie looking to buy or build my first SS

    Hello everyone, I am new to SS but have been studying all aspects of this wonderful asset class. My background, I ran an import ecommerce business for the past 6 years selling electronics and home goods. Sold that business last year and now transitioning to real estate self storage. I'm comfortable with technology and pretty good at automation.

    I've invested in syndications and currently teaching myself to evaluate SS and underwriting a deal per week. I'm open to consider buying or building SS in NY, PA, NJ, NC, GA, TN, AL, FL. Ideal size is 300+ units.

    Looking forward to learn and contribute in anyway I can. Feel free to reach out to me for anything.


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    Welcome from Alaska


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      Welcome from AZ


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        Welcome to the forum from SE Missouri.


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          Welcome to the Forum!

          My suggestion? Find an unused building, empty for at least two years, near a city/town of over 200,000, consider how much storage is around them and retrofit the building. This could be an old Walmart, K-Mart, Shopping mall. The building already exists so repairs/updates and retro-fit would give you an opportunity to get started. There are numerous people on this forum that will answer you questions so feel free to ask.

          Maybe 20 years or so ago purchasing a 300 + property would have been easy but if it's worth the purchasing, the large REIT's get their hands into it. However, if you go the way of my suggestion, you will be set up to run for a few years and they will come knocking on YOUR door.......

          Good Luck and keep us informed.
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