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    Originally posted by KDLnk View Post
    Like KrisinNC, I sure do. I also have the customer sign a Release of Liability. I receive an average of 200 boxes a month, sometimes more. It is a service to our 10 customers who we do this for so they can go about their day and take care of their customer. I even wrote an article about it recently for my company blog:
    Your article references parking customers. What sort of release of liability do you have with those customers.


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      Originally posted by lenmay View Post
      No ... for legal reasons. Our state, Missouri, has regulations for "Self Storage" and "Warehouseman". Self Storage does not hold or control access to customers items. I am afraid that if we accepted packages or even hold a customer's key that we might be held to stricter rules and regulations ... bonds, insurance, etc. Refusing to hold property or keys is also protection from "you made a copy and stole my items."

      Also, how do you know there isn't drugs or guns or who knows?
      What is the chapter and paragraph that states this


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        I have a tenant that gets small boxes delivered to the office and he also receives big shipments!
        I do accept the small boxes inside the office.
        These small boxes are delivered by the brown truck company.
        His bigger deliveries comes from a trucking outfit
        He is in the tool business.
        Those drivers go directly to his storage unit and they access his unit by using a combo lock!
        Most deliveries my tenant will text me that he is expecting a delivery and some of the drivers know where to go, to his unit.
        Sometimes, if it is a new driver, they stop in the office, I write on paper the unit number and the word combo and I stay in the office!!
        My tenant appreciates what I do for him.

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          We have a few customers that are from "warehouse anywhere" which is a life storage company. They pay top dollar, never have problems with them paying the bill, we installed electric in the units (which they paid for) and that an additional $15 each month, each unit (and we are solar). I also have an AC company that has the combo lock on unit, I open the gate and the delivery drivers place it in the unit. For the warehouse anywhere, I accept the packages in office and the person comes to pick them up as some are pharmaceutical's. They don't complain about yearly increases and I do not feel bad giving them as we do a lot for them. I love commercial customers! (and they are always happy!!!!)


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            Yes, but we definitely don't advertise it and only for businesses, not individuals. We also limit it to occasional, non-freight deliveries, not something crazy like 20 boxes every day. And of course they sign an authorization form for us to have a key to their unit and releasing us from any liability for the contents of the boxes, etc.


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              We already had PO boxes so we accept packages for those tenants and a few of our contractors who've been with us 20+ years. If you are interested in updated contracts though check out websites like Postscan. They do electronic mailboxes and I like their pricing dynamic. Base price gets you x number of mail pieces or packages and they need to be picked up within x number of days. Anything above that is extra. Oversized and overweight packages are automatically extra too.



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