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    I receive two or three payment reminders from my auto insurance each month, even though I'm on auto-debit. Got me thinking ...

    Do you send payment reminders prior to the tenant's due date? If so, in what format?
    We don't send any payment reminders to our tenants
    Yes, we send an email
    Yes, we send a text
    Yes, we send a postcard or other mailer
    Yes, we call our tenants a few days before
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    I only send email invoices a week prior to the 1st to those not on auto pay. If they're on auto pay, they'll get nothing but an email receipt that the transaction went through.

    I'm a believer in not reminding people that they're paying to store their items (that in many cases is not worth anything close to what they're paying me to store it). The more I can get my charges buried on page 3 of their credit card statement, the better.

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      We don't send upcoming rent reminders. I only have a few business tenants that get invoices prior to, but they pay by check. We will send emails and make calls if they are past due, however.


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        We charge $1 for invoices, but we will call and email reminders to customers who are 8 days past due to remind them they will have a late fee if they haven't paid by the end of day tomorrow.


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          Email invoices 10 days prior to due date for people who are not on autopay...who have email...that actually want one.


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            we call, email and text. We also send letters after they're late and lock them out on day 7.
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              We send emailed invoices at no charge 2 weeks prior to the due date. After that, we will send a text the day before a fee will apply as long as time allows.


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                We don't do it prior to due date unless they signed up for invoicing. One they become due I send a text message friendly rent reminder once a day until the 6th day late, with a gentle warning its the last day of the grace period. Once they are over locked and have a late fee that's when I start calling to collect.
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                  Our storEDGE auto sends all that they need to get!
                  If you have an email, you get the invoice 2 weeks prior to the due date,
                  If your mobile number is signed up you will get an auto generated SMS too!
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                    We send everyone an email reminder who wants it and always send an email receipt.
                    I think it is best not to remind auto debit customers if we don't have to.

                    Reminder text & call will go out on the 4th of the month as a reminder and the late fee goes on the 6th. Gives them a couple of days to pay if they have forgotten.
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                      We do our similar to others here. We use StorEdge and send out emailed invoices 2 weeks prior to the due date. We don't offer to send out paper invoices at all. We send out a text message 1 day prior to the late fee being added as a reminder they are about to be late.


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                        Easy Storage automatically sends an email and/or a text on the 25th. (Or whatever day I specify)


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