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On-site Manager vs Remote Manager

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  • On-site Manager vs Remote Manager

    What do you all prefer? I am opening a new facility and have never been in this industry before. Just looking for some veteran opinions on what is best for your facility. Do you prefer having an on-site manager or employee or would you use a remote manager or call service?


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    Lots of recommendations that will go both ways here. I know that tenants will want to talk to an on site manager if they have problems. Waiting on a call or an email is no fun when you are a tenant and have a problem. If it is going to be 400 units, like you said elsewhere, you should have an on site manager, even if it is a turn key manager.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Here, having an on-site manager has saved a lot of property damage, and the overall reputation of the business. That being said, you must have good staff, Be picky.


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        A perfect example of great to have an on-site manager. A truck backed into our keypad! He then proceeded to speed away. I caught it, grabbed info off of the truck, and had a new keypad installed within 48 hours at the driver's expense. It would have been really frustrating to pinpoint that damage even with camera's. This business is all about oversight. A properly run property will deter crime and hassle. and save the owner and customers a great deal of time, and frustration.


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          I am no expert, But I'd personally lean towards Remote management as there are ton's of technologies and options available to better manage,track and report storage operations; even monitor security gate systems.

          But that all comes with a leverage of Investment and a high end facility setup including where you're based at.

          Most of my colleagues in the storage Industry however still do feel the need and necessity for an On-Site manager regardless of technologies that help save time, It could be for various reasons as Security and much more.


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