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    Came across this helpful article. What would you add?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    Since I am by myself, except for when the maint man is here, I am constantly working against my last year's numbers. Every single morning I review the overnight close that will compare current to last year(s) at a glance. I have goals I set for myself on a daily basis. Zero vacancies-done it. Zero receivables-done it. Higher numbers than last year-done it. New systems explored-done it.

    Last but not least, realize that I get older every day and cannot do some things that I used to be physically able to do and therefore realize my limitations-accept this hourly.

    Checking this forum every day is a big plus that I did not see in the article. Members here are lucky for the help.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Such a great article!!! And I am shocked to see that I do "most" of them. I would add: interact on a personal level with your customers. Be friendly, humble, helpful. My tenants adore me, and I them. It's because I go out of my way to get to know them, remember them, and interact every time whether on the phone or in person. People like to be treated like people. Just sayin.....


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        Are all these options available in site-link?
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        City is perfect. You want the search engines to find you fast and first. And people will search in the cities they are living in or moving to with terms such as "Abq Storage mini storage", outdoor storage, heated storage, etc....

        Fancy and fun names dont make the phone...
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        I also require no deposit with credit card autopay sign up. I'm around 95% autopay.

        Very rarely do i have anyone leave a unit damaged or with junk in it. The bigger problem is people who have cards go bad or don't keep enough balance in checking for debit cards.
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