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Falsehoods About Manager's Job

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    It cracks me up when people think we sit around all day! There is always something to keep us busy! We have 2 facilties with 858 units between them, plus residential properties, aircraft hangars, VRBO and I'm probably forgetting something in that list. Mind you, I don't do much with the hangars except process payments and the owner deals with the VRBO's herself. But, I am the only employee besides our maintenance fella's. It also aggravates me when people think I work 24/7


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      I think its probably because of the stigma attached to the early days when things were a little more laid back and a retired couple could run a property without help- people assume its easy if the older folks can do it.When I started in this industry the lady who trained me was 79 yrs old and her husband was 81. I couldnt believe they were still working! I worried about him having a heart attack every day! People just dont know how much work goes into a property- even if your full, you have a brand new facility that reuires little to no repairs- there is still preventative maintenance, daily upkeep and daily accounting and what not. When people ask me what I do for a living and I say I work in the Storage Industry, they almost always give me a sideways look and an "Oh, Ok" answer. I think its just because they have no clue what that means. I havent had too many people get snooty with me, but I have had one or two say something along the lines of "must be nice to sit around all day and collect a check" or hey enjoy spending the late fee you just charged me on your coffee... etc... Yeah like I get to keep that money! Sheesh!
      You Laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You take my coffee...may God have mercy on your soul....


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        I am thinking about starting a lottery where people that think this job is a piece of cake and so easy, and they say I would want your job if you did not have it. Well I am going to take donations and when I decide to call it quits I will set the winning bidder up for an interview for my job and I keep their winning bid.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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