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    Great article on creating a positive company culture. How would you describe your company culture?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    I control the company culture, I am by myself, so it must be perfect.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      We talk to our area manager almost everyday and we talk to our sister facility at least once a week to see how they are doing and how we can help if need be. Our area manager always lets us know what a great job we are doing and we always thank him for having our backs 100% of the time. We also email the people in the background at corporate to let them know that we appreciate all the work and support that we get from them


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      • pacnwstorage
        Reply to Vendor Representatives
        by pacnwstorage
        I always ask any commercial account what is going to be stored in the unit and how often will the unit be visited? Other than that, no matter who they are, they follow the same rules and regulations as anyone else. I also never ever accept shipments for them.
        Today, 04:36 PM
      • razorback
        Vendor Representatives
        by razorback
        What is the best way to handle vendor reps storing their sample inventory or sales materials? If the lease agreement states the tenant agrees to use the space for property wholly owned by the tenant then what procedure do you use to accommodate these vendor reps?...
        Today, 04:29 PM
      • razorback
        Reply to How many hours a week do you work?
        by razorback
        I work 40 hours a week, Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm. When I first started here 11 years ago I had a part time person who worked 1/2 day on Saturday and 1/2 day during the week so I could get out of the office to run errands. It got so hard to find trustworthy dependable part time help that the owner agreed...
        Today, 04:24 PM