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    Great article on creating a positive company culture. How would you describe your company culture?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    I control the company culture, I am by myself, so it must be perfect.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      We talk to our area manager almost everyday and we talk to our sister facility at least once a week to see how they are doing and how we can help if need be. Our area manager always lets us know what a great job we are doing and we always thank him for having our backs 100% of the time. We also email the people in the background at corporate to let them know that we appreciate all the work and support that we get from them


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      • Billings Storage
        Reply to Fence? Locks? I need help to slow these guys down.
        by Billings Storage
        I know I am politically incorrect but how about a minefield, I detest thieves. The cable thing would be your best bet my bosses other business was broken in and they now have it, seems to have stopped the stealing.
        Today, 09:39 PM
      • Alicia1018
        Reply to Break In
        by Alicia1018
        Thanks pacnwstorage, I think I'm over-thinking about it lol. It does make sense. I know we have had issues with other tenants in the past where we have had 2 people on a contract, before I started....
        Today, 08:34 PM
      • pacnwstorage
        Reply to Units broken into, renter wants a refund
        by pacnwstorage
        "Even the biggest self-storage companies are broken into."

        Not here, in 23 years. Especially in the last 5.5 years the security is tighter and tighter. I don't just live here and work in an office. This whole facility is my home and so far, due diligence has remained at the fore...
        Today, 07:28 PM