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    When you live on the property, there's more than just your job at stake. A veteran hiring consultant offers resident managers advice on how to protect themselves.

    What advice can you offer?
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    5-7 days is NOT reasonable amount of time to vacate an apartment. It takes longer than that to find a nice place to move into plus getting the money together to make the move. Heck it takes me longer than 7 days to organize my stuff and pack it up

    The veteran hiring consultant does not seem to know what he is talking about


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      Didn't read the article but for the above comment. Every company i've ever been a part of makes you sign a form stating if you ever quit or get terminated you have 72 hours to vacate. It can be done, i've done it when leaving a company. Not everyone gets it done properly though, the one i'm moving into tomorrow that we terminated an employee on left it so trashed that it will pretty much be an entirely new place by the end of today and all new appliances are coming Wednesday.


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        I have 2 storage units and an RV space that my husbands employers generously let us use for personal storage, free of charge- I would probably have to start renting those at market rate and put alot of things in there from the apartment until I could find a place to go to. Otherwise, I have a travel trailer that would do in a pinch! This is one of the jobs that could change in a heartbeat- I have 3-5 months of $$ for bills saved for emergencies for this very reason. With aging owners and their children who have no desire to take over the ownership I could very easily see things changing overnight for us as far as income and living arrangement..
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          I live on-site but my lease is separate from my job. I lived here prior to my employment. This also means I am not on-call 24/7 and will not answer my door for tenants on the weekend. If something is pre-planned or something emergent comes up, that's completely different. My boyfriend does maintenance and takes care of the gate (in addition to his off-site job, which happens to be almost next door) so he is usually doing projects on the weekend. So, he can help take care of needs that may come up if I'm busy with something.


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            My contract says 30 days to move out. I too could store here if needed. As far as being out in 7 days, I think that if the job loss was a big surprise then 7 days is not enough. Lots to arrange, just like when I moved here. The owner and the unemployed manager need to be realistic about it all. Now, if the manager was caught stealing or doing something egregious then IMO they need to get the hell out asap with no breaks.
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