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    When you live on the property, there's more than just your job at stake. A veteran hiring consultant offers resident managers advice on how to protect themselves.

    What advice can you offer?
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    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    5-7 days is NOT reasonable amount of time to vacate an apartment. It takes longer than that to find a nice place to move into plus getting the money together to make the move. Heck it takes me longer than 7 days to organize my stuff and pack it up

    The veteran hiring consultant does not seem to know what he is talking about


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      Didn't read the article but for the above comment. Every company i've ever been a part of makes you sign a form stating if you ever quit or get terminated you have 72 hours to vacate. It can be done, i've done it when leaving a company. Not everyone gets it done properly though, the one i'm moving into tomorrow that we terminated an employee on left it so trashed that it will pretty much be an entirely new place by the end of today and all new appliances are coming Wednesday.


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