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  • Need a combo employee - tips?

    Hi there! We're looking for a person to do property maintenance AND fill-in in the office using Sitelink and providing excellent customer service. It's a tricky combo because they need to be strong-ish, physically able, and also computer savvy with good communication with customers. Anyone else have this struggle? Where would you go to find this person? So far, Indeed and Craigslist haven't produced much. Any tips would be appreciated!

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    That's the roll I filled, where are you located?


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      I have filled this role a few times when I needed the same. There are plenty of people that fit the bill. Just make it clear in your ad what you are looking for.


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        We're in Northern California, Grizz. And thanks MamaDuke. We've had a couple of great ones fill the combo spot. Still working with us after 10 years. Now that we're bringing in the next wave, it's just been a little slim. Our location definitely has something to do with it. Great to know there are others out there who are good at both! Hope you're being well-valued! (aka.. on your paycheck)


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          North Cali here also and I run into the same issue a lot of times as i'm the one who handles out job postings and screening of candidates.

          I'm the stronger sales person between my wife and I but I still spend a lot of time outside to take care of property issues because it's hard to find others who can do it. With this company they give up and just hire a maintenance person for outside and hire manager/asst managers for the office. I personally feel the manager/asst should be the types who can do it all as I hate knowing we have someone on the clock being paid and can't cover an office when needed in emergencies or office people who think they don't have to go out and clean.


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            Thanks for the feedback, Orkocean. Nice to hear what others think, and how they handle the needs of the property and the office/customers.


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              That's the job as far as I'm concerned. You rent the units, you clean the units, you keep the property clean and well maintained. Anything above your abilities - electrician, plumber, yard maintenance, goes to a certified insured company.

              I would suggest perhaps putting the position on
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