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    Would you consider yourself a great team player at work? What do you do that demonstrates this?
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    I would say yes, in my store all of my co workers are a great team. As for outside the office( I work for a property management company and seldom get to see them in person) I would say it is hard to be a team player- its more of a here is an email, this is what our new policy is, sign off on it and do it, Thanks. I support the company and try to encourage my coworkers on site to follow along. Usually its a no brainer run of the mill operational policy or something. Most times its offering a promotion and encouraging us to really follow the scripts for Skillcheck. I do my best to keep things fun, keep conversations and attentions focused on store needs, and Im fair about doing my share of the hard work. I dont pile it on my relief manager.
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      Likely for me. I excel by myself. At last facility I had a part time relief and was always correcting mistakes. I have always worked better by myself. Hell, I am off on Sundays and Mondays and I am in my office today doing paperwork.
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        I feel I am, but I don't have a team currently. Last facility the asst mgr and I would trade off buying each other lunch once a week and we'd swap off taking the trash to the street, sweeping etc. I was never a 'I'm the manager, you're my minions' kind of manager.
        At my first facility we had a tight team. We had a manager who was slowly sliding into memory loss (though we didn't realize it at the time) and we had work arounds and checks to make sure everything was correct. She was the bomb at collections, could talk anyone into renting and the tenant's loved her. She was excellent at almost everything except for things she needed to newly remember.
        She eventually went on disability.
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          I am, I treat the business as if I owned it and will do whatever I can to run it. My lovely bride says I am the second best, but that is only because she has 51% of the vote.


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