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  • My Entry to the Storage Biz

    How did you land in the self-storage industry?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
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    Divorce court. Lol, not really but close. I formally separated from my ex and moved from South Carolina to San Diego with my son Josh after he graduated high school. I picked San Diego somewhat randomly, as it was close to my sisters but not too close. Then I started sending out resumes and was called by the self storage facility in San Diego, and got the job! I am now working for the same management company 10 years later.
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      I started a couple days a week to get out of the house,(relief) and then my youngest started school, and they needed a Manager as she was leaving, and it is funny, I mulled this over for a couple weeks, and then I decided lets go for this, I did really like it.. That son is now 24 this year, And I am still doing storage. (I am super happy I made that decision to do it!)
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        Started about 5 months ago. A friend of a friend called me needing somebody to help manager their New Storage Facility. I've always worked in customer service and the job I had prior to this was on the opposite end of the spectrum, meaning lots people, coworkers and noise. Quite Honestly, its been a little love-hate. However, I'm going to stick it out and hope it has a good future for me... I am so thankful for getting on this site, Self Storage Talk. Its been reassuring to be able to reach out to others in this industry.


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          I used to work at an Old Country Buffett.
          I was a cashier and a server (table clearer)
          We had a new hire who worked with us for about a year.
          The she left and got another job.
          Her and her family continued to come to to OCB for Sunday breakfast and always would sit in my section!
          One day she pulled me to the side and asked if I wanted a "real job"
          I laughed and she knew I LOVED that job and my co-workers AND the regular customers who sat in my $ection!!! (YES $$)
          The money (tips) were great!
          On average, I made in tips alone any shift from $20-$30 an HOUR!
          I had some great regular customers who sat in my section when I would be there!
          So she kept asking about me wanting this "real job" so I asked here what it is that she is doing now!
          She said that she had gone in to pay her monthly rent one day and that manager had her apply!
          So she remembered me and she said that I was the hardest working co-worker that she had ever seen and she said that she had never forgot my strong work ethic and the "fun" we had when we would be working together at the OCB!

          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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            My neighbor/friend was the manager at a storage facility and they were looking for an assistant. I applied, got the job, spent a year at that location and now 5 years later I'm still with the same company and am the property manager of a different location going on 4 years now.


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              I live in a small town and have always worked 40 min away. After staying home for a couple of years with my littlest ones I decided it was time to get back to it so I applied for an office manager position at a mechanic shop. Not only did I get that position but come to find out he also owned three storage unit facilities that I would be taking on. Completely new to that but plenty of experience in customer service so that helps!


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                I actually was a printing press operator and copy center manager for many years. My mother was the 1st manager of a new storage facility. They needed an assistant manager so I took the position and lived on-site. After 7 years I decided I wanted to go back into printing. So I worked part-time at the storage facility and full-time at the print shop for a few more years then quit the part-time job. Then my mother retired and the owner kept asking me to come back. After he offered me an amount I could not refuse and I came back and have been here a combined total of 18 years. The funny thing is that a member of my family has worked here since 1995 when it first opened. We do not own it but have always worked as we did. I hope to one day move up to Oregon to help take care of my sister. If anyone knows of an opening in Central Oregon please let me know.


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                  I managed large apartment complexes and was looking for something without residents (lol) this time. Self storage seemed like a good place to look. The first place I applied hired me. The owners were great and they taught me a lot about Sitelink, auctions, legal matters, etc. This is my 17th year and still enjoy it.


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