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  • Tracking Work Hours

    How do you track your hours worked? Do you sign in/out on a computer, use a punch card (do these still exist?), mark it on a timesheet? What method are you using and how do you keep it honest?
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    We send a clock in/out email to our corporate office and keep record on a time sheet (Excel spreadsheet). At the end of the pay period, we email our time sheets to corporate so they can do payroll.


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      We use a time clock to punch in and out, though I don't know why. We still have to write that info on a paper time sheet that we turn in on payday! A little archaic, but we're a single location mom and pop!


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        We use ADP for payroll and we log in to clock in and clock out daily.
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          I had an employee fudging her hours. Shift is 9am to 6pm... she would write in on sheet arriving at 9am when in fact averaged 20 minutes late every time and sometimes left early but would write in 6pm exit time. Got a time clock... in a few months it paid for itself by documenting actual in/out times.


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            It's just me and I don't track my hours at all. But maybe 8 hours a week at the facility, 20 hours a week on the phone or computer. And four hours a week on this Forum


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              We clock in online too.
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