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Lastest finding after cutting lock on a delinquent unit....

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  • Lastest finding after cutting lock on a delinquent unit....

    I love my job! It never cease to amaze me! LOL

  • #2
    Oh my. The child's booster seat makes it a little more creepy.
    Too many freaks, not enough circuses.


    • #3
      Lol. It sucks the unit won't be able to recoup any losses. On the other hand I appreciate their creativity.


      • #4
        I think it is a voodoo meeting set up. Any dolls with pins in them, in the unit? Especially if the doll looks like you.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


        • #5
          OMG! I just spit out my coffee. I don't know why that made me laugh so hard.
          Stephanie Tharpe
          Senior VP of Operations
          A+ Storage of Tennessee, LLC
          Nashville, TN


          TNSSA Board of Directors


          • #6
            That is too funny!!! Too bad it tied up a unit for you.


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            • Dave Scott
              Reply to Overlocking
              Dave Scott
              Man you need to get educated and your lease straightened up to what Ill. state laws say about self storage. This guy should have been over locked 60 days ago and up for disposal now. Do you have any units behind on rent and what do you do to them.Do you over lock them?
              Today, 09:45 PM
            • pacnwstorage
              Reply to Overlocking
              Boat trailer or a unit, your freakin' lease should say something about locking out a non paying tenant. Do you have a lease, I guess is the next question? Who drew it up? This type of stuff has been addressed time and time again. Late enough, lock them out, period!

              Just what does the lease...
              Today, 09:19 PM
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              I've had a local merchant who focuses on small business offer this to us. I personally prefer paying credit card processing fees and having immediate funds. The 10-day delay we commonly have with ACH payments creates way too many accounting issues. I do know that a tenant using a debit cad instead of...
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