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    I just rescued a baby mockingbird. Since late this morning I have been hearing a baby mock calling for food, and have seen an adult out front catching bugs and flying off. I just figured it was in one of the trees in front. Well, a short time ago, I went out front to walk the dog and heard the baby bird, but it didn't sound like it was in the trees. It sounded like it was coming from my open golf cart unit. So, when I took the dog back in, I went to the unit and looked around. Didn't see anything and the calling had stopped so I went back in. A very short time later, the adult was back so I watched it. It went into the unit and down into an old recycling tub I have in there. When the adult flew out, I went in and looked. There was a baby bird looking up at me. I picked up the tub and walked out front to the bushes to let it go. It wouldn't let me pick it up so I tipped the tub on its side and the bird hopped out and scrambled up into the branches of the bushes. I am so happy I saw the adult go in there. That poor baby bird would have been stuck in that unit all night after I put the golf cart and maybe could have died.
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    Add "bird whisperer" to your resume'

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