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All right. Who was it that got me hooked on Live PD?

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  • All right. Who was it that got me hooked on Live PD?

    I've watched 3 hours tonight while I folded laundry, and other stuff. I know it was someone here. 'Fess up.
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    Isn't it Pac who LOVES that show?
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      It is PAC who loves that show. ME. I watch it and record on my DVR and binge watch it. I have Live PD parties at my home with friends. There are now other Live PD type shows that air on the same network. One is called "Women on Patrol" and the other is "Night Watch" that has to do with two people teams that work the ambulance from 8 pm to 4 am.

      I talk all the time here about what is happening in this country with all the problems related to legal and illegal drugs and people that drive with no licenses and the list goes on. Live PD shows what is happening because of all of it and is all across the country. I have favorite K9's. Best is Flex.

      You will start to record and watch all the time now. There are many reasons for you now to record old shows and catch up. Good luck trying to stop. Since the NFL players want to kneel and disrespect the flag and country and soldiers and first responders, I don't watch it anymore and my 3 hour show fix is Live PD.
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        Yeah, it was Pac and now my husband can't stop watching it either. I know he is watching it in the apartment while I am working. Ok, not working alot today, it is slow.
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          Told ya. It is addictive. It is great for beer and pizza/bbq parties. Kids like it too. It is live and the kids love to watch the K9's. We have watched 3 shows worth/9 hours in one sitting. We are amazed when people are asked to step out of the car when the odor of pot is strong and they ask, "Why"!!!!!
          "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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            It's an awesome show! It's addictive indeed.
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              It's sad though that one of the officers recently shown on the show passed away when his patrol car was caught in a flash flood while responding to a call.
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                I have watched Live PD since it started and started watching the other two Pac mentioned. Been a COPS fan for years and years. And if I miss it at 6pm my time I can watch it over again at 9pm my time. That and the investigation channel.

                I did see where the officer died in the flash flood. That was sad
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                  As I have said before, I DVR these shows and watch in bunches so I have not seen the one yet about the flood victim cop. That saddens me a bunch.

                  What really pi$$e$ me off is the amount of people they pull over and then over 80% of them do not have license, registration or insurance. So those law breakers don't care about law abiding people that are on the roads with them. For any one here that thinks it is ok for that to happen, are you freakin' kiddin' me?!!!!!! Legal drugs. Yea, that's a big plus for the American people.

                  Then they are being questioned or detained and they get all pissy about being on camera. The same ones that complain are the ones who were always yelling about police wrong doing and they are victims and the police should wear cameras to protect them. Ok, the cameras are there as body cams and now the Live PD crew and they snivel because their guilty butts are shown to the world.

                  There is not enough safe rooms in the country for all the cry babies that think they should do what they want with no consequence. Just remember this when you worry about someone storing firearms or those that carry for protection, you are seconds away from trouble when the cops are minutes away. It only takes one bad situation to drive that home and sometimes it is a horrible outcome to wake someone up.

                  Proven fact: The person with a knife in their hands that is 21 feet away from an officer or permit carry holder with a gun in a holster, has the advantage. They can cover that 21 feet before the normal person can draw to protect themselves. Factor in the stress factor and they could be killed. Imagine the law breaker, that does not care about legal license, registration or insurance, and they cause you harm. Think they will stick around to swap info with you? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Just saw an episode that triggered this. Hell in a hand basket! Some will remember I said that after I am gone and the inevitable happens unless we wake UP!

                  The ISS magazine keeps updating us on the latest in facility security and the latest and greatest advances. You think that happens because the world is a safer place? Free enterprise happens because there is a NEED. We talk about security problems here all the time. Count the threads. That is not a coincidence. Worse and worse every month.
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                  "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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