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    Our facility only accepts cash, check or money order at this time, and we have a drop box attached to the office door for after hours payments. I tell all our tenants "do not mail cash, or put cash in the drop box." Well apparently I need to rephrase to "Cash will only be accepted in person during office hours," as one customer late last night decided to slip their rent payment, an envelope full of ones and fives, under the office door... *face-palm* I'm really surprised they managed to get it under the door at all as the envelope was pretty thick lol.

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    Haha! Well figures...tenants often only half-listen. My favorite is when new tenants call to say they're supposed to be on auto-bill when they receive their statement. I always tell new tenants they will still receive a statement and that it will not say specify if they're on auto-bill...
    I've had people put cash in our mail slot also, I take it as a compliment because they obviously trust us enough. But, of course I would prefer people not do so.


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      Listen or not. They are "entitled" to do what they want to, doncha know. The ruination of society is upon us and we are seeing the beginning of the downward slope of what is more to come.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        Did they at least give you some sort of note letting you know which unit it was for? I can just imagine someone slipping cash under a door (or in a drop box)with no note and then wondering why it didn't get credited to their account. I have a tenant who leaves a money order - completely blank!!! - in the drop box every single month. I know it's him because he's the only one who pays with a money order. I always call to let him know I received it and email him the receipt, but I also remind him (every single month) that he needs to at least sign his money order. It just doesn't seem to register with him, he just keeps leaving blank money orders without even a signature every month. Super nice kid, though, so I won't complain too much!


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          I have had customers put $ cash in the drop box after they have been told not to. Like AmyLou said it is a compliment that they trust us and think that I wouldn't take it and go get a mani/pedi.

          Customer calls: Did you get my payment? of $130? I put it in the drop box last night.
          Me: I sooooooooooo want to respond: I got the $100 but there was no $30 in there.
          Customer: YES THERE WAS I PUT $130 IN THE DROP BOX
          Me: Nope
          Customer: YES!
          Me: Sorry ( as I am looking at my twinkling toes )
          The future depends on what you do in the present.


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            I've had customer leave cash under the door mat or in our mail box out front (unlocked mail box)...


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              Originally posted by DMac020 View Post
              Did they at least give you some sort of note letting you know which unit it was for?
              Yeah, fortunately they did write their unit number on the envelope. I think they were trying to sneak it in last second before they got a late fee.


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