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Just had a good laugh-Happy Early Valentine's Day

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  • Just had a good laugh-Happy Early Valentine's Day

    Tenant calls-"I've lost my keys, they're very distinctive"-he proceeds to describe them.
    Me-"Sorry, no one has turned keys in, but I'll look around." I look everywhere including the slush outside where he parked.
    He stops by and we chat-he's hoping he'll find them in the unit. They're his wife's keys and he said, "My life won't be worth living if I can't find them."
    Me-"Did you check in your car?"
    Tenant-"No, I've torn apart the car, they're not there." He comes back down and doesn't have them and I promised to keep an eye out.
    Phone rings-"I have them."
    Me, "Excellent-you found them!"
    "Nope, my wife went out to the car after I confessed I lost them and found them between the driver's seat and the wall."

    Me-"What would you do without your wife?"
    Tenant-"I'd suffer a lot less ridicule, that's for sure."
    Aw, marriage.
    When I had all of my ducks in a row-I realized that most of them were not even mine!

    WA State

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    It will take at least a week to live that down in that happy home. Then for a year if anything is lost by him the old, "Remember when you lost my keys and told me you looked everywhere and I found them in less than a minute where you said you had looked already?" "Remember that honey"!, she says dripping with condescension. He better step up to the plate tomorrow with an off the charts Valentine's Day extravaganza!
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Always have spare keys! And store them in a safe place with a contingency plan to access them if you lose your usual keys. It's cheap to copy a key, but to have a locksmith rekey your locks or make a new key if you lose your only copy costs a small fortune.


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        If you do have extra keys made, have pros do it, locksmiths. They always have the blanks and the keys then work. The extra job high school kid at the hardware store is less than 50%-50% chance the key will work, if they have a blank.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          The best laugh I had was when I read the Hooters is having free boneless wings for single guys on Valentines day....


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