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    So I had a customer who only wanted a 5x10 for 3 weeks while he was moving out of state. At the time, I had more empty units than I usually do, so I let him do a one month contract. The entire time he's under contract he doesn't put a lock on his unit. Our maintenance man looks inside one day and sees there are 3 large propane tanks for forklifts in the unit. I call up the guy and he claims he ended up not needing the unit and that its not his. Seriously? I had 10 empty units at the time, and the one you rented out, for only 3 weeks, just so happens to be the one some random person decides to dump some propane tanks? UGH. Fortunately, there is a place near me where I can drop them off for free, but still.

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    If they were full you could have had one hell of a great BBQ party.
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      Luckily you are able to get rid of them. If he had a gate code, or was seen on camera with them, you could have said something like "no, it's clearly you on camera driving in with them/putting them in the unit". LOL Or even if he wasn't seen, say it anyway. Most people don't pay attention to things like that.
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        If they weren't expired and were in good condition you could have gotten some money for them.


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