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    It never ceases to amaze me how a tenant will make the decision to store items and pay for that privilege and know it is a secure facility and then do not make the decision to feel the importance of keeping and remembering the gate code to get to those items. You buy a car or a house and those involve a whole new set of things to do and remember. Same with storage.

    The items you are storing are YOUR ITEMS you idiot! You are gonna want to REMEMBER how to get in to get to them.
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      We all have so many phone numbers, PIN numbers and other #'s to remember. I give them a computer generated code, write it down on the back of the business card which has instructions, tell them to take a picture of it, and when through with the rental agreement I walk them out to the keypad and have them try it. Yeah, they still can't remember it. I watch them on the DVR from the apartment.

      I have written the code down wrong in the past and I want to make sure they know that they are doing. Gate code.jpg If the code gets lost it is on them. Credit cards get lost too so secure your numbers. I won't give it out over the phone either so come in with ID or you don't get it.
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        I used to let tenants choose their own codes, but some still had issues remembering. Oh well.
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