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Heart Attack this morning

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  • Heart Attack this morning

    Our building is set up like a grid, with 605 units, we have seven rows x3 main hallways that connect. I didnt know any one was in the building yet. This morning I was doing my Monday morning Lock Check,and I came around a blind corner- was met with a loud "RUFF!" and was instantly face to face with a "Therapy " animal that jumped up on me, with his hind legs on the floor his head was a little higher than mine (i'm 5 ft 8) Luckily he was a nice doggie, but I was not expecting that LOL! Not sure of the breed, but he must have been part great dane or something. I patted his head and he gave me many puppy smooches- and reminded the owner to get him on a leash and if he was going to jump on people he needs to wait in the car. I'm OK with dogs, but not everyone is. Now just have to wait for my heart to slow down, that was unexpected. One of my fears is to come face to face with something in those back hallways!
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    Animal lovers as well but it amazes me the amount of people I see let their animals run loose around properties and the managers who wont address it. Can't tell you how many times i've been watching facility cameras and had to call offices to tell the manager to go take care of it.


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      We have large grates in the drives and I warn people to not allow the dogs out as they may accidentally step in to one of the voids and hurt themselves. They all say ok. Two months ago a lady let her little dog loose and it broke it's paw in one of the voids. She was mad but at the wrong person. She should have been mad at herself but no, she was mad at facility for the "poor design" with the grates. I just told her about reminding her when she moved in about the grates. Exact words were, "That was a year ago, how do you expect me to remember that?" I said, "It is your dog. You are supposed to be very aware of that dog at all times". Entitled people pi$$ me off.
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