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    Yesterday my relief manager got a call from a tenant's mother saying her son moved out in September and why is he getting late notices for October. So, (complete with my head cold) I called her this AM. I started off with I could not say much because it is her son's unit not hers. She gets fired up and says that last year when she helped her son rent the unit that Alice (my lovely bride) told her when they move out they just needed to drop off the key to the unit and make sure everything was out. I asked politely if she was sure it was Alice. She says "I am 50 not senile." I replied that she was mistaken because Alice and I were not here last year. She blows a cork about badly trained employees yadda yadda yadda.

    So I said here is where we are. Your son's lock is on the unit so he owes this month's rent. She says, "He does not have the key, he gave it to the old guy that works there on the way out (I am the old guy). I politely explained that according to the lease he signed he had to vacate the space in writing, empty the unit and take the lock off the door. CLICK, she hung up.

    20 minutes later I am in the apartment ready to shoot myself (I am not a fun sick person). Alice yells that guy just walked on the property with a grinder. So I bundled up and walked down to see what is going on. Sure enough he son is here to cut the lock off the unit. I walk down and say thank you, now let's go get your rent paid for this month. He starts in about giving me the key and all that other hogwash. So I say:
    1. Seven years in this business and I have never taken a key.
    2. You were told and signed a form when you moved in that in order to move out you have to give written notice.
    3. The day you were last here was Wednesday the 11th of September. I am off on Wednesday and Thursday. So you could not have given me the key.

    We then walked up to the office, I showed him copies of his paperwork and he paid his rent including the late fee. He is not having a good day. I hope I gave him my cold also.

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    Birds of a feather.......You can tell she raised him right.......The entitlement community lives on.....
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Oof, that's rough. At least you were able to get him in the office and paid up.


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        Almost made it worth it to have to work while sick!


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          Nice. Also, you can probably just start composing your rebuttal now for the negative Google review that you've got coming. (sarcasm, not criticizing you at all)


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