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  • An Average Day

    Nothing exciting in the past month usually means we're overdue.

    A suspicious bucket was noticed in one of the aisles yesterday. After going to check it out, our resident manager discovered it was loaded with human feces and toilet paper. Of course the camera in that aisle wasn't working so the best guess we have is one of the two tenants that used the aisle in that area- but no evidence compelling enough to evict anyone.

    Just as the day was ending, a tenant came into the office LIVID that she found a slice of Kraft American cheese adhered to her trailer.

    This was apparently grounds for considering moving to a new facility- if it happens again, we've been informed that the police WILL be involved

    My only concern is that she PLEASE make that phone call in the office where I can witness her ask the police to pursue legal action against a Kraft Single

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    haha, if she only knew what was in the bucket, she would have been thrilled with the cheese.
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      Originally posted by Storman View Post
      haha, if she only knew what was in the bucket, she would have been thrilled with the cheese.
      Hahah right, or literally any of the other wild things we've been dealing with this past quarter


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        Wait---so you do have it narrowed down to 2 possible suspects/tenants?

        Are you going to call them BOTH and ask if they happened to leave something behind on this specific day and time that you know they were there?

        If I had it narrowed down to 2 people---I KNOW I would be making that call!
        I would probably also add "that our security team is diligently reviewing the camera footage and you were just hoping to get a confirmation BEFORE the security team may be calling them!

        Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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