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Safety Manual, anyone?

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  • Safety Manual, anyone?

    I'm trying to pull together a safety manual. Not operations and procedures, but specific SAFETY.
    Does anyone have something like that? Fire procedures, inclement weather procedures, first aid, accident reports...that sort of thing.
    thanks for any input!

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    If I can find a copy of the one I wrote I'll send it to you. Basically I just stepped back and looked at each task that was performed each day in the office and the grounds staff. Then said "What if" and developed my safety book that way. I used a steno pad to make random quick notes. Then I'd take a quiet period of time and do bullet point safety instructions for anything and everything on the site. Good luck, it's an endeavor, but so very worth the time you spend pulling it together.
    Gina 6k
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      Perhaps everyone can share some info on what's included in their safety manuals?
      Amy Campbell
      Inside Self-Storage
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        Cleaning up poop. It's a biohazard. There is a lot of great info online as to how to go about cleaning, and also the precautions that should be taken (mask, gloves, glasses). We have a meth head that pooped down the side of my building. No telling what all came out of his body. YUK.


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          I can think of tons, but just learned a new one the other day from my gate guy. State regulation is now to have a safety sensor in the area where the gate opens into in case of entrapment. This is separate than the sensor that keeps the gate closing on someone. My gate opens in front of a brick wall so JUST IN CASE someone is standing inside the 18"-24" of space in between the gate and wall, I now have to have a sensor (photo eye) for that. At a cost of $550.


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