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Office door buzzer entry system

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  • Office door buzzer entry system

    Does anyone have experience with using this type of entry system for a storage office? The crime rate in our area is steadily increasing and a nearby facility was recently robbed at gunpoint. I'm very concerned for the safety of our employees. We already have an alarm button under the desk but I think we need more.

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    When I worked in Baltimore, I had 2 entrance doors.
    One door was located on the sidewalk on the main drive.
    Buzzer entrance only.

    My other entrance door, was located in the parking lot as that if you drove in, this would be the door you entered through and it was also buzzer activated.

    Baltimore, where this location was, was also in a bad part of town.
    Did the buzzers make me feel more safe?
    Yes BUT at the same time IF a would be robber waited to buzzed in and THEN rob me....I would always hit the buzzer and let anyone that was standing there in to my office.

    I can imagine though, that a would be robber would just keep going, if he/she pulled on the door and found it locked.

    Get some quotes on an install and then make the best educated decision for you and your property.

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      I am actually getting a quote on this today. There was recently a shooting at the jewelry store next door to us. I have a panic button and I keep my gun in the money drawer, but being the only employee (and female) in the office makes me nervous.


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        Did you see the other day, a Guy had a Sign, saying "No Cash facility", you could do that BIG..... with minimum of $100. Maybe that will help.
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          I am just waiting to see who will be first to accept Bit Coin.
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            For the past 30 years my wife and I have conducted business at a dutch door with a counter attached to the bottom half of the door. Nobody has ever come inside our office (which is one doorway from our home) for this very reason. We're in a pretty good part of town, we've never really had much concern, but if somebody wants to get stupid the upper half of the solid core door swinging shut could break bones. My customers come to the office once to fill out the paperwork, and from then on it's online pay or drop a check through the slot. No need for a big office.

            Granted, we don't have a big showroom of storage supplies people can peruse, but from day 1 the safety and security of my wife came first. Also, we're in the San Francisco area, so we rarely have weather that requires people to come inside. We have a large overhang so people are out of the rain.
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              Our panic button is a tire knocker we keep under the counter...Plus pepper spray on the counter. (Funny story, one of the girls when she was new thought it was compressed air to clean the keyboard of the computer, she learned that day to read labels before spraying anything!!!)
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                I'd definitely recommend going the signage route and creating an 'air' of no cash on site to try to avoid being robbed. Maybe also a fantastic HD image or display that greets them as they enter the door. I see trendy hip restaurants use these in their lobby and it's aimed right at you in crystal clear display. It doesn't need to be a huge display but just enough to say camera's have you coming and going in crystal clear recorded and usable images. If you twin this with a second door you can see how this would be a deterrent. They have to look normal for you to let them in, which also means you've got a great camera image. Obviously, if they don't look normal or wear a mask then you won't buzz them in.

                Sorry to hear about these circumstances as they really are situations none of us should ever have to deal with. It's always a bit sad when I hear Manager's who feel enough concern that they arm themselves ...


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                  It IS sad that we have to think of how to protect ourselves. We are not located in the best area and this always is a concern. We do have great cameras but that doesn't cover everything and everywhere ( in units ).

                  Yesterday I had a very upset auction lady on the phone because I am going to sell her items tomorrow. She showed me her medical records a year ago with the DX of schizophrenia. Along with panic alarms I have my taser at the desk along with the pepper spray. Hopefully we will never have to use it.
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                    Way better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared. Be safe.
                    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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