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Keeping Monitors and Computers Clean

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  • Keeping Monitors and Computers Clean

    How often do you clean your monitors and computers? And what do you use?
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    Monitor, once a week. It is turned off and I use air first and then a damp soft paper towel to wipe down and then a dry one to finish with.

    Computer, covered with the monitor. It is a combination monitor and computer assembly.

    Printer, once a month. Done the same.
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      CPU will get hit with a swiffer duster every few days...I get a lot of dust here because my office, and apartment, sit between the entrance/exit rows. Alot of traffic means a lot of dirt/dust. The monitor gets dusted at least every other week and I'll wipe the screen with a damp cloth if it looks like it needs it. I also use canned air on the back of the CPU for anything the swiffer may have missed, and on the keyboard.
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        All of the time! We get dusty in here. I'll vacuum around the computer about once a month. So much dust, yuck.
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          Try to use a cleaner for electronic devices, and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen. Using a "normal" cleaner can result in damage to your screen. There are several monitor wipes on Amazon that work well, and would help you out.

          For computers, I would suggest cleaning around the fan cover at least once a month, since the dust that is collected at the back creates a fire hazard. Use a vacuum to pull out the dust. A swiffer will just get the surface and not what's inside.

          For a better cleaning, and if you're feeling brave, open the cover of the computer and vacuum out what's inside. If you've had your computer for more than a few months you will be shocked at how much has collected in there. Again a bit of a fire hazard.

          If you're looking for products, I've found these work well:

          Good luck
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            Originally posted by KrisinNC View Post
            All of the time! We get dusty in here. I'll vacuum around the computer about once a month. So much dust, yuck.
            What she said....


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