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Security Cameras in a Remote and Rural location?

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  • Security Cameras in a Remote and Rural location?

    We have several storage facilities in remote and rural locations that do not have an office. We have also been having trouble with break ins recently. We are trying to figure out what's the best security camera system to install, but we have several factors stumping us. One, we don't have an office at the these locations so we are not sure where we would place our DVR recording system. And two, we have no wifi at these locations, so even if we did install cameras, we would be able to see what's going on there in real time. We would only be able to see what happened after the fact. We have even considered using cellular enabled trail cameras, but not sure if that would be efficient either. Any advise or experiences like this? Thanks!

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    You'll need a secure dry location with power for the DVR, and possibly for the network switches if you need to have cameras more than 300' from the DVR. Is there a maintenance/equipment unit that you can put them in?

    The DVR will record footage to a hard drive and you can download it to a thumb drive if needed. While you can't monitor them without internet connectivity, it can still help you to ID the thieves, or hopefully the cameras will deter them. A sign announcing the cameras helps, and you also should have the area flooded with light both as a deterrence and also to get better images with the cameras.

    Capturing plates is hard when a vehicle is moving or in poor light, so it's helpful to have a camera near a well lit entrance. Speed bumps can help slow people down so you get a better picture.


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