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StorEDGE merging with Sparefoot?!? Not good news.

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  • StorEDGE merging with Sparefoot?!? Not good news.

    Not good news.

    I just signed on with StorEDGE. Maybe it's time to quickly cancel.

    Other than SiteLink and StorEDGE, what are the best and most intuitive software providers everyone is using?

    I've "test driven" a few of the CRM solutions out there, and really liked StorEDGE. It's too bad they are getting in bed with Sparefoot.

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    There is another thread here about this, somewhere. I have had great results with QuikStor. I had a problem over the weekend with overnight reports and my c/c payment but the weekend on call tech fixed it. The only thing better would have been some contact about my concern emails I sent but if it is a weekend on call tech and not the whole tech crew I can understand how he/she would be way too busy to respond to multiple emails from the other facilities that were also effected. I reached out about this problem and it seemed to be just here on the west coast area.
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      Sent you a message PKStorage.
      Jana Haecherl
      Marketing Communications Specialist at storEDGE
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      Call us: 913-954-4110 // Facility Management Software, Marketing Websites, Cloud Access Control, Rental Center™, and Integrated Services.


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        storEDGE has merged with Sparefoot.
        One could say that is a positive thing.
        There are now more developers and the like to make storEDGE even better!

        Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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          They both are now backed by the same equity group.

          Nothing sinister there, I would think.
          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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            lady5563 , Unfortunately a competitor now has everyone's occupancy, pricing, and other data. (Well, anyone who uses SiteLink and StorEDGE),

            Sparefoot is not only a software developer that develops CRM software or wants to be only a software company. They are actually our competition. So giving them access to all of this data for facilities all across the country is great for them, and bad for us. They didn't "merge" (buy) those companies for the CRM software...they bought them for the data.

            janahaecherl , yes, I got your PM, thanks. I messaged my sales rep right away about it. One could say I know a little bit about business, and am familiar with what FAQs the companies will tell their staff to "sell" us on. I also understand what positives "might" come out of the merger, but am also very aware of what is actually happening and the reasons of why such mergers/acquisitions occur, and as the end user, that is what is concerning to me.


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              The other thread about this, a few months back, had a lot of posts with equal concerns.
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                Has anyone tried yet?
                JH du Plessis


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                  We use QuikStor. Very few issues.
                  Joe Krezdorn
                  DAK Self Storage
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                    dak, we use QuikStor as well. Have a question. If you have auto pay, do you sometimes get a card that shows expired on the c/c payment report and is not charged but the report clearly shows that it is not expired? I think it has to do with the c/c processor we use thru QuikStor since QuikStor can't seem to figure it out and they turned over to the processor for further inspection.
                    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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