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  • StorEDGE Access Control

    Has anyone used the new StorEDGE cloud access control?

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    RandyL ? Dave Scott ?

    ​​​​​​​Iím curious as well. Iíll be following this post.


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      No I did not find a reason to upgrade my existing systems, if I open a new location I may try them out.


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        We moved to Cloud access.

        Consolidating the gate access into the management package is fantastic. I love having the gate access history integrated into the management software. I like having a nice (mostly) intuitive interface. The new keypads are also very nice.

        However, there are problems. When I'm ready to lock up and go home at 6pm, I cannot pull a report which tells me who is on my property at any given time. I can pull an overall in/out report, but not something that specifically tells me who's on the site.

        I also cannot limit my tenants to single code-in or code-out. In other words, if a customer is already on my property, I don't want someone else using that same gate code to gain access.

        Also, the reporting is EXTREMELY slow. I may not see a desktop notification that someone has coded onto the property for minutes after they're already through the gate. For me, this is the biggest issue.

        It's pretty and seamless, but yeah... there are some concerns. Hopefully this merger with Sparefoot gives them some resources to resolve not only the issues with CAC, but StorEdge as well.


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