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  • Software for very small facility

    I have two separate facilities operating as one business in a very small town. I've been in business for over 30 years with 71 total units (9500 sq. ft. total). I've always just used manual data entry with Word and Excel for notices, reports, etc. I've never accepted Credit Cards, just cash, checks and money orders. I'm considering software to remotely be able to accept Credit Cards, with a website that customers could rent online, etc. I can't afford 100's per month. Anything out there?

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    Hi Joe,

    Most software providers have some sort of "small operator" pricing and have website options along with it. My advice would to find one that you like and fits your needs and see what price options they have.

    Some of our users have only 18-20 units, so I'm 100% certain that you can find something that suits you that won't break the bank while you getting off of Microsoft Office.
    Kevin Kerr
    Storage Commander Management Software
    Direct - 951.867.4732


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      Use Square Reader It would except cards and deposit it in your bank, you do the rest like you have been.
      Dave (Woodee) Scott


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        Have you considered using your website to pay online? It can be set through your bank and usually it's very economical that way. No third parties to go through.


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