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    Do you think alarms on units is worth the investment? New facility in a low crime area and block wall around entire property. We have never had a break in at our other facility so have never thought of them as a need. Perhaps a great selling point is having them? I am more worried about when a wire goes bad & other maintenance issues.

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    Just wait until a tenant tailgates into your facility and sets off their unit alarm. You will regret the decision after the first time this happens.


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      Especially if it's after hours


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        With each new tech gadget there can be risk with little reward. Anything mechanical or electrical can be good one minute and bad the next. If you do this, your call, but keep your fingernails trimmed because there will be some hair pulling involved and you don't want to cut yourself.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          We've had them in one building since about 2003 and I love them. Yes, tailgating customers will set them off. But isn't it the whole idea of having a unit door alarm? (In that case confront tailgating person and explain that they are violating your site's policy by following someone in. I'm assuming this is your site policy and the gate isn't just treated as a nuisance.)

          The only issue we had with those door alarms is that the contractor didn't install them correctly. He glued the magnets instead of using the rivets. (Went the easy route.) Also he had to align them correctly, which he didn't. So we had to re-do all that ourselves. But that is the installation issue. So make sure to check that before you pay them. Otherwise they are very low maintenance. We've never had any issues with wires or anything else.

          Other than that those door alarms are great. It's both, a selling point and a security point that I love to tell customers about. And most people appreciate such security feature. (And you can probably charge more rent for those units too.)


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