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Sitelink eSign issues on Smartphone

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  • Sitelink eSign issues on Smartphone

    When a new customer is sent the Sitelink eSign Lease, the "Click Here" that allows the tenant to move through the document more efficiently loses functionality on a smartphone. I have attached a picture to show what is happening. The inability to "Click Here" creates frustration for the customer and really hinders the eSign process.

    Has anyone found a work around to make eSigning easier for the customer?

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    How about getting a tablet to use in the office?
    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      This is a concern for our online rentals.


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        Have you contacted sitelink to see if they have an answer for you? I'm wondering if it's some kind of compatibility issue with the phones.
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          I did contact SiteLink and I was told that there was not a fix for it. I reported the problem in February, and I just heard back this week that they are not able to fix the issue. It's really disappointing considering that SiteLink really pushes the eSign as being compatible with smart phones, even though eSign doesn't work as it should on a smart phone.


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            What does siteLink recommend as to what kind of device to use for e-sign?
            If they say a smartphone you say it doesn't work, how much monthly credit will I now be getting for my paid services?

            Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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              We really like the SiteLink Software and would recommend it to anyone. We have used if for 18 years. We do most of our rentals online and this just a feature that we have had an ongoing issue with when the tenant goes to complete the online rental.


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                The issue has not been resolved yet.... Does anyone have a work around?


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                  When on that page, there should be an option at the bottom to "go to full site" which will go to the desktop version. That should fix the issue.


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