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What features would you put into your dream keypad/gate controller?

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  • What features would you put into your dream keypad/gate controller?

    If you could create your own keypad and gate controller, what feature(s) would you include? What functionality is missing from your current setup?

    Some examples:

    Keypad use
    - Log all keypad activity (successful and failed code entries)
    - Be notified when a code has been entered (active code or not!)
    - Be notified when the keypad has been locked out (3 unsuccessful attempts)
    - Capture and record a picture from the keypad when it is used

    Access Maintenance
    - Be able to add or remove gate codes remotely
    - Add temporary codes (disabled after # of uses or by date/time)
    - Automatically update codes based on customer management software (CMS) changes (add/delete codes)

    Gate Control
    - Open/close gate remotely
    - Notify when the gate remains open longer than xx min
    - Notify when the gate doesn't open when it should
    - Notify when the gate doesn't close when it should
    - Restrict gate access to set hours of the day

    - Gate access report for specified period of time (SPOT)
    - Gate access by gate code for SPOT
    - Unusual gate activity report (TBD)
    - Print out current gate codes (all active, temporary and watched codes)


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