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eSign options: Signature pad or tablet?

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  • eSign options: Signature pad or tablet?


    Question: Do you use a signature pad or a tablet for the customer to sign the eSign lease?

    At 6 facilities that I help with tech in, this is the setup we have using SiteLink eSign: We have the monitor that the manager uses to move a tenant in, then when it comes time to having the tenant sign the eSign lease, we turn the computer monitor around (the monitor is on a swivel) to where the tenant can see the lease on the screen and we go over it with them, then we have the tenant sign the Topaz signature pad, then we turn the monitor around to finish the move in.

    There are 2 more facilities that I help with that don't have the setup in the office to be able to turn their monitor around, so I'm having to find an alternate option for eSign. I've seen in other threads that quite a few people are using tablets for eSign. Can somebody explain to me exactly how that works from start to finish? Do you just have a tablet and no desktop at all or is there a desktop computer and monitor involved that the manager uses until it's time for the customer to use the iPad to sign the eSign lease?

    Thanks for your help!

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    When I worked for a company with 100+ sites the way it was at all of them was we had our PC, did everything via it, when it came time to go over the lease and sign we had tablets on a stand that the customer would go over the lease and sign via.


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      I put a touch screen monitor on my swivel mount. We were able to get 23" touch screens for just over $200 each.


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        To access the eSign lease on the tablet since the move in was actually done on the PC, would you just go to SiteLink myHub and pull up the lease for the tenant to go over and sign on the tablet?


        That's a good idea too!


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          Yeah it was done via myhub, the tablets were hard locked so nothing else could be done on them to keep customers from toying around on them We'd just load up the esign console, pull theirs up then swivel it around to them.


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