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Security During Pandemic

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  • Security During Pandemic

    There will always be people who take advantage of times like these. Are you worried about an increase in crime at your site? What measures are you taking to reassure your customers that their belongings are safe?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
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    Well, we have our security cameras and security fencing and gates and the fact that we have never had a break in. Then there is nosy me. Very affluent neighborhood as well. Does all that make it safe? I hope so but I have an EBG for help. Plus, I have 2 police that rent here as well.
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      Like Pac, I let them know what security features we offer, and that we have not had a break in. If they persist in wanting 100% assurance their things are safe I just remind them, we are not Fort Knox- but we do have an adequate security system,a good record of happy customers and a diligent staff who watches over things daily. The only thing I am worried about right now is people trying to store food here. I've already stopped a man from bringing in a pallet size stack of rice and flour and other food stuffs he got from some mega store. I asked if he would like to start paying for our pest control services? Since he would be contributing to the problem by bringing food here. He said, Oh... I didnt think of that... well what am I supposed to do with this now? Sorry sir, not my problem!. Take it home!
      The second thing on my mind right now is our elderly folks who dont know how to pay online and usually pay in person. I dont want them going out if they can avoid it so I have called all of them and offered to waive their late fees if they can mail in a check that is fine.
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