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Winsen Sentinel / Sitelink - Gate issue

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  • Winsen Sentinel / Sitelink - Gate issue

    Has anyone who uses Winsen sentinel gate software suddenly had it start requiring people to type their code twice to make the gate open? Ours started doing it out of nowhere, I thought maybe it got reset on themotor outside and retrained itself to think it was in the opposite state but i've reset it numerous times with no fix to the issue. The real fun is it does not do it every single time, occasionally one press of a code will open the gate like normal. A little harder to diagnose the issue when it's not a constant. When it does not open I do hear the motor click like it's trying to operate but it does nothing. Anyone had this happen and have a suggestion perhaps? I thought maybe the capacitor might of been going out and it was a power issue but I replaced that and still had the same issues.

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