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Facial Recognition Ban in Portland Oregon

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    Let's get back to Randy's topic, please.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
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      Never went "in on the kids". I stated what the kids were being taught/brainwashed about and how our country history is not being taught. That is the brainwashing part. I would say that should be clear to at least 95% of anyone who reads that. Can't account for the other 5% mentality.

      "Wow....bashing kids now, huh?"

      This statement alluded to me bashing kids. That is an incorrect statement because I never once bashed a kid. I plainly talked about what was happening to those kids. While bash and brainwashed are both verbs, one is way different than the other. Bash would be something I was wrongfully accused of and brainwashed is actually what is being done. Hope that clears it up for you. Have a great day.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        Originally posted by Amy_ISS View Post
        Let's get back to Randy's topic, please.
        Got sidetracked by an wrongful accusation. I will defend myself. That is one of those rights I have talked about before.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          People aren't always the brightest. I had one years ago in FL on the phone who saw our prices online and wanted a 10x10 indoor unit. I got to the point of asking what he was storing. A VW beetle.... I paused for a moment and asked him
          "so, the car is in pieces I take it?"
          Today, 12:23 AM
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          Welp that's one you need to make sure gets sent to collection agency. Let them report it to his credit and go after him....
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          This afternoon a customer reserved a unit through my web site to move in this weekend.

          So, I called him. I am doing rentals via phone now with a lease that gets e-mailed for digital signature. Works pretty well, minimal problems with not seeing the customer in person.

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