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  • Advice on LED

    An expert on LED lighting shares insight on the benefits to upgrading as well as options.

    Have you made the switch to LED? Share your story.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
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    We did. The LED ones we got aren't very bright, but saved us about half on our electric bill. They also had a 15yr warranty and 4 have gone out so far and been replaced for free. Check with your utility provider to see if they offer rebates. Ours did and the entire $5000+ project cost us just $10, no typo.


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      Don't go through an LED broker-we did with my first facility and the lights we bought were brighter but we didn't save money in energy costs. You can buy led bulbs for current fluorescent fixtures now. Do that instead of replacing everything (unless your ballasts catch fire, then replace those fixtures)
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        Yes that is an option as well. In our situation, the rebate was just about the entire cost of the project (only cost us $10 total). Then you factor in the energy savings (about $100/mo average). Then the cost of replacing bulbs (the fixtures dont have bulbs, but have a 15yr warranty). So $100/mo x 12 x 15yr = $18,000 in energy savings (not factoring in cost increases). Then no bulb replacement for 15 years on over 40 fixtures, assuming 1 bulb per year per fixture = $20 bulb x 40 fixtures x 1 time per year = $12,000 over 15 years. So $18k + $12k = $30,000 in savings in 15 years. Rough math, but a hugh savings when you take 15 years into account. Only downside is the new lights are not as bright, but we have not got much pushback and are full


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          Years ago Hubby and I were managing an older property (15 years ago it was already 10 years old). Did some price shopping for replacing the bulbs with the fixtures that were there (Like $90 per bulb) and found that the LED fixtures that would give off more light and last a whole lot longer were about $38.00 plus the labor to replace them. Well - hubby was my labor and was paid by the company to replace all of the light fixtures. The facility STILL looks great with these light fixtures and is very well lit - doesn't light up the neighborhood, but clearly lights up the aisles so the camera's catch all of the activity. Well worth the investment of $38 including the bulbs and the time.
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            I was an assistant when our LED project took place. I know there was a rebate from the utility company and the labor was provided by the manager at the time. It did involve replacement of the ballast - there was a shopping cart full of old ballasts in the golf cart shed. The tube replacement was a 4-ft T12 to the LED.

            There were a lot of side benefits for the interior tube/ballast replacement. The heat load decreased in the cooled building with the removal of the old ballast and tubes. The LED functions at a much cooler temperature. Our hallway did not have the cages around the tubes or the plastic tubes over the T12's, so I was always sweeping up glass and broken tubes. The LED's have plastic tubes and it takes some force to break one.

            There were some things that came up after the replacement. Initially, the replacement tubes were pretty expensive - they have since come down in price. The LED's did not work well with auto-shut off switches. You had to have them on or off, not set to auto. It was harder to match light color (K value) when first installed and you had to pair the tubes for color. Some manufacturers had better quality LED's than other's.

            There was a concern when the price was higher for the LED's that tenants might steal them but that never happened.


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              We refitted our HPS wallpacks to LED replacement bulbs. After the utility rebate it cost us $25 per light and get got a 5 year warranty on the bulbs. It really brightened up the place as the color temp of HPS was about 2500K and the new bulbs are 4000K. We had our guy remove the ballast and starter, direct wire the socket and screw in a new bulb. It took about 15 minutes per light. Paid for itself in a few months as our utility bills were cut about in half.


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