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    We have an older system (Digitech). Just recently upgraded the computer only to find out that my software disk was missing. Shelled out some money to get the software again and for some reason this it took over 3 days just to get a download link. Disk in the mail should be arriving any day now?.?.
    Now that I have downloaded from the link and was following the instructions only to find that the 3 files i am told would be there are not.

    Put in a service claim about this.
    Next day get a call and missed said call by less than a minute. was told that they wanted me to respond to an email that was sent when I would be available and that they were very busy and did not know when they would be able to help me again.

    So here we are 6 hrs into the next day and no call back or email. and the old pc is slowly dying and not updating the gate after payments are being made.. Good times

    Does PTI have so many issues that hey are unable to help anyone?

    So either the link I got was wrong or they need to update their instructions? maybe?

    Vent over
    Anyone else have experience with them or the digigate software DL that might help?

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      The link that is emailed with download a customized program to your PC. That program is then run to download the 3 files in question to your PC. A failure of this program to download the 3 files is usually a failure in 1 of 2 things.

      1: The user running the program is not logged in as admin OR
      2: There is a firewall or anti-virus blocking the download from the FTP site.

      If you PM me your ticket number, I can see about get a priority on the return call.

      Robert Toy
      PTI Security Systems


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        It did download files into c:/digi folder but not the 3 listed in the email

        Here is what it downloaded (Below)

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          So After several attempts the downloader has completed its task and downloaded the rest of the files. So far it appears to have installed correctly and is functioning properly

          I guess the idea is to retry retry retry annnnd retry. Well thanks anyway for the help Robert but it appears to be all good.


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            Ok so I have noticed a new issue, When I hook up the new computer I'm having trouble with the Gate not updating completely. I get some names and and people who have paid still show delinquent and are unable to get in the gate. Curious if there is something I am missing. Do I have to take the data file from the old computer and put it on the new one?

            Thank you again for your help,


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              You'll need to check that your accounting link settings are correct in DigiGate. The files we sent you were what we had in our database when the site was originally created, and if the accounting link type was changed after it was installed the files we sent you would not have that change in the setups.

              Robert Toy
              PTI Security Systems.


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