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    When I purchased my facility I just took over the software the previous owners used (WebSelfStorage) and I despise it. I can't even log in today at all so this is the last straw, I'm switching! I asked this question a few months ago and didn't get any answers. Does anyone have recommendations for software? I have 252 units right now so I don't need anything with lots of bells or whistles. I don't do online booking but I need autopay. Help!

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    Webselfstorage is down again this morning. Last week they fell behind 2-3 days on deposits. I’ve heard storedge owned by storable is pretty good but they have their negatives too.


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      I'm a 400 unit owner/operator. I researched all of the software offerings at the ISS Las Vegas trade show and online. I chose Storage Commander and have been very happy I did. Look into them, they're very reasonably priced, extremely stable and they've been responsive to my suggestions as "just a little guy". There are tweaks to my software that they engineered just for me and the way I run my business.

      I'm very happy with Storage Commander.

      I would think twice and do extra research before involving my business so closely with the Storable universe of products.
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        I really like Easy Storage Solutions. I don't recall us having an issue with it in two years. It's so user-friendly even I was able to figure out how to use it after 30 minutes!


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          Hi, StorageBrett! It's great that you've determined the features that are most important to your business and those that aren't; this should really help you in your selection process.

          We'd encourage you to reach out to all the vendors you're curious about to arrange demos. Seeing software in action really helps too! There are also some great review sites out there specifically for software, like

          Hope that helps and we wish you all the best!


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            We have 21 locations and use storEDGE!
            We are every happy with their product and I highly recommend!
            Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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              Hi StorageBrett,

              I apologize for not seeing your original question a few months back! I've got to agree with Storable on this though - it's a great opportunity to try each of the management software providers and see which would be a good fit for your situation. What works best for someone else, might seem counter-intuitive for you so software demos are the best way to find out.

              Thanks for the vote of confidence Storman!
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              Storage Commander Cloud Software
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                I am happy with SiteLink. However, as others have stated, you can request demos so you can try them out to see if you even like the program, if it's user friendly, etc.


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                  I really like Sitelink. Everything you need, But I have only used Sentinel and Sitelink my whole career.....


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                    I am another happy StorEdge customer, it isn't perfect, but I don't think anything is. I am happy with the value I get for what I pay each month.


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                      There are several options for software, and each has limitations that may not fit what you are looking for. For example
                      Sitelink - Feature-rich product. You might have issues using 3rd party credit card merchants, and the interface is dated.

                      StorEdge - Modern interface, and fully cloud-based. A newer product, and might be missing features you need.

                      Web Self Storage - Low cost and easy to use. Very basic and might be missing features you want or need.

                      Yardi Breeze - Large vendor with a complete vision. Very immature, and missing many basic features.

                      I could keep going, but hopefully, you get the picture. None of the vendors is horrible. However, regardless of what anyone says, there isn't a perfect product.

                      Before selecting a product, do your background research. Look at all of the features of each of the companies, see what's missing, and if you can live without it. Call their support line and see if they answer after hours. Determine what the credit card processing will cost you. See if the vendor offers support for Chip and Pin. Verify they work with the gate systems you use.

                      Hope this helps.


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